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Hartley's talks bring to life flourishing trustscapes. He regularly speaks at family-only events, and has presented at conferences hosted by the Family Office Exchange, Institute of Private Investors, Society of Trust and Estate Professionals, Purposeful Planning Institute (where he serves on the Counsel of Deans), Attorneys for Family Held Enterprises, Private Wealth Network (Australia), American College of Trust and Estate Professionals, and many others.

Hartley has been a guest lecturer at the American Banking Association's National Trust School.

"The evening was a great success.  We really liked the way you engaged the audience. Everything felt very natural and relaxed."
—W.N., Denver

"By steadfastly holding and articulating a positive vision of an evolved trustee-beneficiary relationship, he moves the entire field decisively forward."
—G.S., Chicago


Whether virtual or in person, what we won’t talk about: taxes, compliance, the latest regulations, jurisdictional issues, and related topics that other experts handle.

What we will explore: An approach that gives full weight to the proposition that trusts first and foremost create a vibrant web of human relationships that Hartley calls the trustscape.

Learners do not show up and passively listen. They are actively involved every step of the way, from the moment they walk into the room until the end of the training.

"I am grateful for the kind consideration and directness with which Hartley addressed my questions and for the thought-provoking questions he asked. It’s a comfort to listen to the thoughts of someone who is interested first and foremost in my well being."
—C.W., Colorado Springs


Custom Seminar

Seminars targeted to clients’ specific needs take place in smaller, more intimate settings such as family gatherings or staff training. Seminars are available in half-day, full-day, and 2-day formats. Recent examples

  • The theme of a Seminar created
    for members of multiple branches of an extended family was: Getting to know each other, while learning about trusts, and having fun.
  • A Private Trust Company requested a Seminar to help new members of its Distribution Committees understand the ins-and-outs of their duties. 
  • Vanderbuilt University hosted a 2-day trust education Seminar for Family Office leaders.

“Hartley’s presence of mind, relevant experience, and deep relational wisdom helped me forge a burgeoning new relationship with my trustees and leave behind the daunting confrontations I had feared.”—B.K., New Yrk


Hartley helps implement the Model for a Humane Trustscape described in Family Trusts - A Guide for Beneficiaries, Trustees, Trust Protectors, and Trust Creators (Wiley 2016). Particular attention is paid to building robust, life-enhancing distribution functions.

Clients include family offices, private trust companies, and distribution committees.

When in need of a personal consultant for a single hour or something more than that—trustees and beneficiaries seeking to gain insight and raise personal awareness hire Hartley to ignite new perspectives and performance. 

Personal consulting is by telephone, so there aren’t geographic limitations. 

“As both a beneficiary and a family trustee for multiple trusts over many years, I approached Hartley to help me navigate a tricky succession process. His unflagging support, knowledge and networks were absolutely invaluable.”― D.F., San Francisco

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